Delivery Information

 We do offer delivery!! 

Delivery cost is provided on check out and the price depends on the distance from the warehouse to your location. 

Delivery Policy

At the time of purchase, online or in store, it is the responsibility of the customer to inform The Mattress and Lounge Warehouse if the product needs to be taken upstairs or through confined areas. This includes, but is not limited to doorways/hallways. A clear, safe and accessible path must be available for delivery. 

Special requirements MUST be provided to The Mattress and Lounge Warehouse when purchasing any product and additional charges may apply.

If any product requires the delivery driver to carry the product to a room inside the house, we will not accept any liability for damages within the property. 

A standard delivery DOES NOT include deliveries that fall into the following categories:

* Requires two or more staff

* Requires access over a fence or balcony

* Is above the second level

* Will take longer than 30 minutes

* Where vehicle access and parking is restricted

We reserve the right to refuse any delivery on arrival if the access is not safe or does not have a clear pathway. If this occurs, due to not being informed prior to the delivery, the customer will be solely responsible to organise another source to puck up or deliver their product at their own cost. No refunds for delivery will be issued.  

It is your responsibility to verify and confirm the delivery address provided is correct prior to finalising your purchase. If the address provided is incorrect, and the delivery is returned to the warehouse (either by The Mattress and Lounge Warehouse delivery service or private self organised delivery services), you will be billed any additional transport charges in order for your purchase to be delivered again. 

When using your own private transport/delivery service, once the product leaves the warehouse, we take no responsibility to any lose or damaged items.